Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mac SSH stuck after password

I love my Mac for the fact that it comes with better built in SSH client in terminal. You can just SSH from the terminal without downloading any software. I use SSH everyday for many hours which tells you how much I depend on it. Today, strangely my Mac stopped connecting to the remote server. It would ask me for the password and then do nothing. That means, I am able to connect to the server but can not use the remote shell.

Drupal warning: table Semaphore doesn't exist.

If you recently upgraded your Drupal installation you might have landed at this error. I was working on the website and I stumbled on this error. I tried to solve it at my own but it was a dirty work to see exactly where that table was missing. A lot of searching on internet finally revealed the working solution. The reason as specified by the error message is that the table Semaphore is missing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iPhone Battery Symbol and then stuck on Apple Logo

If your iPhone shows a battery symbol when you turn it on and then gets stuck at the apple logo there is nothing more frustrating than that. Because in that case your iPhone will not even be detected by iTunes for you to update it to the latest firmware.

This usually happens if your iPhone was left somewhere and the battery got discharged to a level that it had to turn itself off. That is why you see the battery symbol.

To solve this problem you need to follow these steps. These steps are DIFFERENT FROM DFU mode.

1) If your iPhone is connected to the computer disconnect it.

2) Hold the power and home button together and keep holding it. You will see the apple logo and then after some time the screen will go black again. This might take 20 seconds to 5 minutes but do not lose patience. When it comes back you will see the iTunes logo.

3) If you know how to jailbreak it go ahead, if you do not want to jailbreak just restore it and you will have the latest version of iPhone firmware.

I hope this will be helpful to some people. If your iPhone is rather stuck on iTunes logo try steps to recover from iTunes logo.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SVN repository MKACTIVITY error for Google Code

If you use Google Code and trying to commit for the first time it might fail. The reason being your credentials are not ok. You will get an error that says svn: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/!svn/act......

There can be two problems that can cause this.
1) You did not checkout with https option. If you made that mistake just check it out again in the same directory with https option this time.
2) The username that you are using (your current username for linux) is not the same as your Google Code (or any repository) username. When this happens all you need to do is to force SVN to use your own username.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Internet Explorer is slow on Windows 7

If you installed or upgraded to Windows 7 you might have noticed that the internet is very slow. It takes a few million hours (may be little exhagerated) to load a page. I recently installed Windows 7 on a computer in my school and to my dismay the computer was very slow. It took me little time to figure out the problem but it is not very intuitive.

The problem that makes internet so slow

The problem is with a service that tells the other resources on your network, about your resources. You do not care if people do not use the resources that you own, what is usually the case. The service is called "Function Discovery Resource Publication" and it starts when you boot up your computer. This way it is always runnign giving you a degraded performance experience.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to set Maxtor Central Axis as a Time Machine or Time Capsule

If you read my last post, you will see how did I set up the drive on Mac, so that I can access it, even though it will not appear on your system as a mounted drive. If you are now able to access the folders the next step is to set it up as a time machine.

There are crude ways of doing it and then there is a very easy way of doing it. I will list the easy way first but if you want to do it the hard way you can do it. All you have to do is to download the automator script and run it. When it asks for the size of the time capsule, just specify the capacity that you want to use. For instance, if your hard disk is 1 TB and you want to use all of it you can definitely use it. This script will create a file (sparsebundle) on your desktop. You need to copy this file to one of the folders on your network drive. To access these folders go to "Go -> Network" and copy this to any of the folders.

Seagte Maxtor Central Axis drive icon does not appear on MAC OSX

I recently bought a maxtor 1TB central axis drive from Seagate outlet to use it as a Time Capsule. I unwrapped it the day I received it and connected it to my router; installed the software and everything worked fine. I created users and set up security and everything that the manual said. However, I was supposed to see icon for a new mounted drive but I do not see it. It took me a little while to figure out what was wrong. Actually, I was not able to figure out what was wrong but I was able to access it to copy files back and forth from my computer and this new network storage server.

If you are at the same position as me, what you need to do is to go to the "Go->Network" menu and you will see your network drive. Open it and you will see the folders; folders are nothing but the users that you created. You can use any of the folders to copy files to and from over wi-fi. I will explain in my next post how to set this drive up as a time capsule.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get AT&T $30 iPhone unlimited Data Plan or Get Rid of one

After the newer versions of iPhone was launched people were hesitant to switch to it as AT&T no longer offered the unlimited data plan for $30 per month. All you could do was to go for $15 per month plan which lets you use 200MBs or the $25 Pro Data plan that lets you use 2GB of data per month.

If you already had $30 data plan then you are still good as you can continue with that. If not than you can still follow the instructions below and get $30 unlimited data plan (This method can also be used to get rid of data plan):

1) Find an ordinary phone or buy it off craigslist or e-bay for few bucks. Note down its IMEI number.
2) In the general settings of your iPhone see the ICCID which is the sim information.
3) Call AT&T and talk to a representative. (You might dial 611 and then press 1, 0, 0 to talk to a rep without listening through the recorded messages)
4) Ask the representative to change your data plan to $30 unlimited plan as you are no longer going to use your iPhone.
4) Ask them to take the data plan off as you are moving to a non-smart phone.
5) If they say that you can not use your iPhone sim on any other phone tell them that you have a sim adapter that works on your non smart phone.
6) They should confirm the changes to you now and you don't have to do anything. You might receive some texts from AT&T but in a few hours you will be good with unlimited data plan for $30 a month or no data plan.

For more applications and similar hacks visit Free Calls Hub.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Learn Latex in 20 minutes - Latex Tutorials for beginners

I had tried to learn Latex from books, tutorials and websites but nothing has ever worked. Finally, I found John and he helped me learn Latex starting at the very basics and then taking me to the advanced features of Latex. Lest I forget I have it recorded in Video and I feel all of us can benefit from this video therefore I am putting it up here. Hope you all will like it. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Drupal crashed after update.php run

I recently had an issue with my Drupal installation. After I run the update.php script my installation crashed. I only installed a few modules but then that should not have crashed it as the modules run fine on my other websites. Being an optimistic person I did not have a backup of my database to fall back on. I was totally royally screwed as that was a website for school and it should not have gone down at any cost. 

It took me some time to get back to my senses and think calmly as to why Drupal will behave so erratically. I tried running the update.php script again but the error would not go away. I tried deleting the module and updating but even that wouldn't help. 

Then I looked into the settings.php that resides in sites/default folder. I changed my memory limit for php by changing the line ini_set('memory_limit', '32M'); to have 64 Megabytes of memory for my installation. I ran update.php again and the website worked fine. 

Here, I would like to tell you that the update.php script was running fine every time I tried it but just that it wouldn't let me access my home page or any other admin page for that matter. Hope this will help someone.  

Saturday, July 31, 2010

No sound in SUSE Linux

It took me 1 hour to fix this problem. I hope this will come handy to you. To fix this issue you need to have the superuser/root access to your system. Because the file which needs be changed is a read only if you are not the super user.

Let us see what solves this issue:

If you are a new user follow the commands. If you arean advanced user pardon the details.

1) xx:~>su
On the prompt Password: enter your password

2)your su username:~> vi /etc/modprobe.d/sound

This will open the file using vi. If you are not comfortable with vi use any of the text editors.
press "dd" and this will delete all the lines.
Now press "i" and type following lines.

options snd slots=snd-hda-intel
options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=1 model=hp-m4
alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel

Try your sound now. Chances are more that this will work now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drupal Calendar showing wrong dates for anonymous users

If you are here reading this article it means your anonymous users are seeing wrong dates, probably a back date. However, when you log in as an admin it shows you the correct date. As a drupal administrator you might care less about admin user but you care more about your readers that is your anonymous users. As all things in life there is a simple solution to this one too.

Understanding how to solve

Before I walk you through the solution can you make a guess what could be wrong? The dates for admin are correct but for anonymous users it is wrong. That means Drupal reads the correct dates from system (that is why admin gets correct dates) but it is displaying a back date for anonymous users. My first guess was that it is a permission issue. However, there are no such permissions to revoke or allow. Also, since the anonymous users can see the dates they do not have any such restrictions. Right? Looking at the facts once more I realized that the dates are from past that means there is a way where I am reading the data from the past.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger title required for HTML/Javascript Gadgets

If you are a blogspot user you must have seen the new restriction that you can not save any HTML/Javascript widget in blogger. This is ridiculous as most of us used to have widgets without title, especially the adsense widgets where you definitely don't want to put a title which in itself is restricted to text that shout "ADS HERE DO NOT CLICK". 

If you did a search before landing at this page you might have seen some strategies that do not work well without being very cautious about it. Such as the one which ads a display:none code for your HTML/JavaScript widget title.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

iPhone can't find file

A friend of mine was trying to unlock his iPhone with iOS. He was not able to add the repository and thus can not unlock his iPhone. We tried everything including reinstalling (through ssh) Cydia which got rid of the error cached failure. Cydia will keep working and finally say can not find repository after Veryfying URL. He was in India using a Reliance Net Connect card to connect to internet on his mac and shared the internet connection over airport. Thus, we were using the wi-fi network from reliance Net Connect card.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unlock your iPhone 3g 3gS with baseband up to 05.13.04 using Ultrasn0w

Much anticipated iPhone carrier unlock has been released by dev team. You can now use any sim with your iPhone. Yes, this release includes carrier unlock for all iPhones including iPhone 3g and iPhone with iOS 4 upto baseband 05.13.04. However, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone and an iPhone connected to internet. if your iPhone is not jailbroken use spirit to jailbreak it first. Using spirit is a child's play.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How to write a C program on Linux

If you are a newbie in Linux, you probably chose Linux for programming. It is fun and way too easy to write programs in Linux than dealing with Windows based programming tools (exclude MS IDEs). I will go through basic tools that almost all Linux distributions come bundled with. First one is an editor and second one is a compiler.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_32S against `.bss' Error

"relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_32S against `.bss' Error"
This is a rare error but when you get it there is no way you can get out of it without doing something fancy. If you do an exhaustive search you will find people trying to upgrade their linkers as the issue is definitely with linker. People even tried rebuilding their linker to ignore the relocation errors. Even if you do that you will SEGFAULT at run time.

The reason for this error is the size of data that you are using. This is seen to happen when your program needs more than 2GB of data. Well, who needs such big data at compile time? I do for one and there are other people in the HPC world who do that too. For all of them the life saver or may be a day saver is the compiler option -mcmodel.

All you need to do is to compile your program with

-mcmodel medium option.

For example, I was working with STREAM benchmarking tool from university of Virginia and had this error. To rectify this, I compiled my program with following command:

 gcc -mcmodel=medium stream.c -o stream

I have removed additional flags for the sake of simplicity. You might want to use various flags for your program. Please comment if this was helpful.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drupal View with exposed filter inside a panel hides on submit

If you are using Drupal to display a view inside a Panel you might have noticed that on clicking the apply button of an exposed filter the results are no longer shown inside the panel rather they redirect you to the view itself. This is not we expect as we might have another panes with data to be displayed on that page. This is a trivial issue but need to be fixed. A simple fix is to override URL on your panel by going to panel-> content -> settings (right click) and then in the override URL setting set the URL of the panel.
For example:
1) your panel is
2) your view is

In the settings of mypanel you should set Override URL to mypanel, this will take care of the issue. Hope this helps.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drupal: Invalid argument supplied for foreach

I was working with my Drupal installation the other day and ran into this bug. It was not that bad as it did not affect the working. However, it will display this warning on screen on the top of results:
warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/web/public_html/modules/views/theme/views-view-table.tpl.php on line 24
I tried to remember what did I change to have introduced this error. Then I found that I actually changed the way fields appeared in Table.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drupal Nice Menus hidden behind parent

Drupal is a great open source CMS package. There are some bugs in it with additional modules but those are being fixed by the community. One nasty bug is the one where you use nice menus and the second level menu items hide behind parent items in IE. Nice menus work perfect in Firefox and Safari but in IE they behave oddly. I had this issue with one of my websites and after a long research on it I found the fix. All you need to do is

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adsense for search saving your settings error

There is something wrong with Google's script that generates your ad code for adsense for search. If you an adsense user you must be facing this issue these days. If you are in this bot too you have few options here.

First one is to add a Search Widget to your blog by clicking on "Add Widget" in your blogger account. This will provide your users with a search interface. However, this can not be linked with your adsense account. In short you can no longer make money from your search based ads.

The second option is to use custom search engine which is available for free

Domain not working without www

This is a nasty problem that I had with my domain I have a blogger account and I hosted my blog at I tried forwarding my domain using Godaddy's forwarding option but it will work only for few hours and then again it will stop working. I finally found a way to make it work.
The issue with this is that you need to tell Google that you want to forward your domain without www. This way the nameservers get updated and that way you can forward your to without any issue. To do this follow these steps.
1. Login to your blogger account
2. Go to Publishing under settings.
3. You will see a checkbox under your domain name which says forward your domain to www.domain as shown in picture below.

4. Check that box and save your settings.
It will take some time to update your name servers. Once they are updated you will be able to go to your website without typing www. This is the easiest way to do it.
If you do not see this option please switch to blogger domain and then publish it to custom domain again. Post comments if you can not get this working. I will put up a video tutorial on how to do this.

Monday, March 22, 2010

iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo or iTunes logo

Check out the Video below to see what I mean. Both iphoene and ipod are almost identical to iTunes. So what works for one works for other. Sometimes when jailbreaking an iPhone or after installing a jailbreak app, your iPhone will get stuck on reboot, or will hang on the Apple logo. This problem happened to me before and it was kind of a nightmare. In order to get your iPhone back on track, you will have to put it in DFU mode (Device Firmware Update mode). This will help you restore your iPhone without loading the OS first. Putting you iPhone into DFU mode should be used as a last resort if your iPhone is either stuck on the Apple logo or keeps rebooting.
1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
2. Hold the Home button and the Power button at the same time for 10 seconds.
3. After exactly 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep holding the Home button for 10 seconds or until iTunes pops up a message saying that it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. At this point, click OK, then click “Restore” in iTunes.
Note that it often takes several attempts to get your iPhone in DFU mode.
Check out this video for a detailed explanation


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can ping can not browse

It was Thanksgiving and I went to my adviser's place. He had a Toshiba laptop with a weird error. None of the browsers could connect to internet. However, if you ping any website using command prompt you do get replies. That means the laptop connects to the internet but not through a browser. I tried various things such as disabling Symantec antivirus, even disabling firewall and trying to run browser as an administrator but to no avail. Finally, before giving up I wanted to try the virgin OS, it was XP in this case. So I downloaded
Norton removal tool from their website. After that I uninstalled Norton antivirus and then ran this tool to remove the residues. It asked for a restart and Voila. Everything was working fine. The browsers connected to internet without any problem.
The issue was with Norton for sure. But what was the issue? The thing is that laptop these days come with a pre-installed version of Norton. If you uninstall that one and install a new version it might conflict with earlier version and cause weird issues in your OS. You need to run Norton Removal tool once you uninstall their product. In short, Norton Sucks. I don't recommend a product which needs a special removal tool. If I were Symantec I would bundle this tool in the un-installation package. Anyways, I hope this will come handy.

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iPhone can not connect to home wifi

Two days ago my iphone was working fine but today it has stopped connecting to my home wi-fi. I am entering the password perfectly but it says "can't connect to network nirvana". I do not have an internet connection or data plan with my carrier. Therefore, I am pretty much dependent on my home wifi for my iphone's net needs.

You get up in the morning and check your emails on your iphone. That is a good start of the day. But my days were no longer going to be good. It took me two days to figure out the solution.  Keep reading for the solution.

You have many options and all of them will succeed. First and unliked one is to connect your phone to iTunes and upgrade it to a new firmware. This will work but if your iPhone is jailbroken and you upgrade to 3.1.3 you can no more jailbreak it. So forget this option.

The other my recommended solution to this problem is to go to Iphone->Settings->General->Reset->Reset All settings. This should work for you. Sometimes resetting the network only settings work too. But if that doesn't work for you try resetting all settings. Once your iphone reboots you can connect to your home phone normally.

If even this doesn't work then you need to check if your iPhone is under warranty or not. If it is under warranty make an appointment with Genius Bar. They will replace your phone with a new iPhone.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Microsoft office on mac - toolbars won't show

This is an icky problem. It can get you mad if you are new to Mac. Well, I would say welcome to the world of Mac. If you are having this problem I am going to tell you a solution you will use forever. 

This is not a bug or something like that. It is just the way Mac "windows" behave. The toolbar isn't shown automatically even if you set view->toolbar->(your toolbars). 

The reason is that the space where those toolbars appear is capsulated. All you need to do is to click on the capsular button on the top right side of you Mac Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or powerpoint. 

Just about any program for Mac OS can present the same problem. thanks to a virtually unidentified feature from Apple. Click the capsular button at the right end of a document window's Title Bar to turn  off the "Minimize the Drawer/Toolbars" settings. The capsular button is that little white thingy where you see min/max/close buttons in Microsoft Windows. Hope this helps. If it helped you please comment and digg this post.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Implicit Declaration of function in C - Segmentation fault

This warning is very common in C programs. Usually we can neglect it but it can cost you dear if you have it without notice. I learned it the hard way that warnings should be debugged from a code. I now always compile my programs with -Wall flag to see each and every warning.

There are two main reasons for this warning.
1) Header file not included
    Try writing a program that uses malloc function and do not include stdlib.h in your code. You will see this warning. The solution is simple, just add
#include <stdlib.h >
in your code and you are good to go.

2) Prototype mismatch
This one is a tricky one. I remember when I was working on my research project I had a bunch of these errors for the functions I created myself. I knew there was nothing else needed as those were my functions. Moreover, I had the prototypes there at the top. The issue was that these functions were declared in a different file called util.c, that file resided at the same path though. I had a different way of writing prototypes and declarations. For example look at this function:

void *myfunc(para1, para2)
int  para1;
char *para2;


This is a valid way of writing a function and it is fine to use a prototype like:
extern void *myfunc();
at the top of this file. However, if this function is declared in some other file then this will cause you a warning. Instead of explaining the details I would say just change the prototype to something like this:
extern void *myfunc(int para1, int para2);
and you will see why your program was throwing segmentation faults.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue Screen of death on Windows PC

"Blue Screen of Death" is a very common problem on Windows PC? That name might be a bit over dramatic, but it has become well known through the years of the Windows operating system. All of a sudden while you were working your screen disappears and a blue one pops up in its place with a cryptic message saying windows has encounter an error and must shut down. Then it gives a lot of numbers in the form of hexadecimal bits and tells that it is dumping to memory. Sometimes this happens when you restart your pc.

This could be because of a bad driver that you installed knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, the Lan Card, Modem or Gaming cards. If you know what you installed recently try uninstalling that driver. If you installed a new hardware just detach it and it should be fine. If that does not fix this it means your OS has been corrupted by that system/card/driver. Try restarting your pc and it might work if you are lucky. But if that was the case you would not be reading this post.

A quick option is to open your computer, take your RAM out and wipe it with alcohol/spirit, usually Petrol, After Shave or nail polish remover will do this job.

If this doesn't work or you are unsure of how to open your pc you need to either repair windows or reinstall it. Make sure you back up your data such as pics and documents etc before doing any of these two operations.

If reinstalling fixes this issue you are good to go. restore all file from our backup source and be happy. If nothing has fixed it yet you need to see a hardware guy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internet is very slow

Suddenly your internet has become slow. This could be true in case of Windows based computer as well as Mac or Linux based computers. It is primarily due to your browser's capacity. When there is a lot of data to store the browser performs significantly badly.

I had the same issue with my Mac. Here is how I fixed my problem and also solution for those who have this issue with different browsers:

Internet Explorer 8

  1. From the Safety menu in the upper right, click Delete Browsing History... .

  2. Deselect (i.e., uncheck) Preserve Favorites website data, and select (i.e., check) Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History.
  3. Click Delete.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. From the Tools menu in the upper right, select Delete Browsing History.
  2. Next to "Temporary Internet Files", click Delete files... . To delete your cookies, click Delete Cookies.
  3. Click Close, and then click OK to exit.

Firefox 3.5 for Windows

  1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History... .
  2. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  3. Click the down arrow next to "Details" to choose what history elements to clear (e.g., check Cookies to clear cookies). Click Clear Now.

Firefox 3 for Windows

From the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data... , and then check Cache and Cookies. Click Clear Private Data Now.


  1. From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari... .
  2. From the menu, only select Empty the cache and Remove all cookies, then press Reset.

Firefox 3.5 for Mac OS X

  1. From the Tools menu, select Clear Recent History... .
  2. From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
  3. Click the down arrow next to "Details" to choose what history elements to clear. Click Clear Now.

Firefox 3 for Mac OS X

  1. In Firefox, from the Tools menu, select Clear Private Data.
  2. Make sure Cache and Cookies are checked, and then click Clear Private Data Now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How to unlock your Cellphone for Free

What are Unlocked Cellphones? and Why anybody would want to Unlock it?
An Unlocked Cellphone is one that can be used on all networks operating on the frequency the phone is designed for. For example, in the UK there are four main networks, Vodafone, BT Cellnet, Orange and One2One. Vodafone and BT Cellnet operate on GSM900, while Orange and One2One operate on GSM1800. A UK dual band phone can operate on GSM900 and GSM1800, therefore being capable of working on all the networks.

However, as the networks don’t want to lose you as a customer, when they supply the phone (on contract or pay as you go) it can be locked to only accept SIM cards from their network.
If you wish to use a SIM from a different network, the phone needs to be unlocked.

How do I know if my phone is locked or unlocked?
There are two ways to check if your phone is locked/unlocked. Firstly, if you have a working SIM from a different network, try putting that into the phone and switching it on. If the phone works and you can make calls on that network, congratulations, your phone is already unlocked. If a message appears, saying “SIM card not accepted” or similar, the phone is probably locked.

How to Unlock your Cellphone?

It is very simple procedure.
  1. Download & Install ” Unlock Code Calculator
  2. Start the software and Select your Cellphone Manufacturer and Cellphone Model
  3. Enter the 15 Digit IMEI Number of your Cellphone. You can get IMEI number for your Cellphone by entering *#06# in your Cellphone and press Enter.
  4. For Nokia Users you also need to select the Country and the Operator of your Cellphone.
  5. Press Calculate and it will generate a Code similar to #pw+CODE+n#.
  6. Now Press the Help button. Select your Cellphone Manufacturer and you will find the Steps of to use the above generated Code to unlock your phone.
Note (For Nokia Users): You might be confused by the DCT-2, 3 and 4. Here I have categorized different Nokia models into DCT 2, 3 or 4. If your Cellphone is not listed below it might be possible that it use Nokia DCT1 or 5. The List below is not exhaustive. I have prepared it by collecting it from internet.
Nokia DCT2: 3110, 8110, 8110i, 8146, 8148, 8148i, 9110, 9110i
Nokia DCT3: 2100, 2190, 3210, 3285, 3310, 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3390, 3395, 3410, 3610, 3810, nk402, nk503, nk702, 5110, 5110i, 5120, 5125, 5130, 5148, 5160, 5170, 5180, 5185, 5190, 5210, 5510, 6090, 6110, 6110i, 6120, 6130, 6138, 6150, 6150e, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6185, 6190, 6210, 6250, 6290, 7110, 7160, 7190, 7290, 8210, 8250, 8260, 8270, 8290, 8810, 8850, 8855, 8860, 8890, 9000, 9000i, 9110, 9110i, 9210 y 9290
Nokia DCT4: N-GAGE, N-GAGE QD, 1100, 2110, 2300, 2600,2650, [NEM-2] (United states), 3108, 3100, 3120, 3200, 3220, 3300, 3510, 3510i, 3530, 3550, 3585, 3590, 3595, 3600, 3610, 3650, 5100, 5140, 6100,6170, 6200, 6220, 6230, 6260, 6310, 6310i, 6340, 6390, 6500, 6510, 6590, 6600, 6610, 6610i, 6630, 6650, 6800,[NSB-9] (United States),7200, 7210, 7210i, 7250, 7600, 7610, 7650, 7700, 8310, 8310i, 8350, 8390, 8910, 8910i, 9210, 9210i, 9290, 9500

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1> connect your laptop with the WRT54G at port no. it is very important to hardwire your computer, that is connect it to your laptop with Ethernet cable and not through wireless, also check for the light status of the router to ensure that it is connected.
2> access the router setup from a web browser (may be using, the default address of your router, and admin as username and admin as the password too.). You can also go to if you need more help to access your linksys router setup. If you have other router let me know and I will update this.

3> at the top click on wireless on the BLACK bar at the top.
4> under wireless click on wireless security on the blue bar.
5> select the security mode as WPA-PERSONAL (best encryption and supported by all devices).
7> in WPA Shared Key type your password or any thing else but it should be at least 8 characters long. and you should remember it as this will be your wireless password.
8> the Group Renewal key should be 3600.
9> Click on save settings at the bottom.

1> Under Wireless, click on Basic wireless settings.
2> MODE: mixed
3> NAME: CHANGE IT to your desired name, mine is nirvana> Channel: 11