Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unlock your iPhone 3g 3gS with baseband up to 05.13.04 using Ultrasn0w

Much anticipated iPhone carrier unlock has been released by dev team. You can now use any sim with your iPhone. Yes, this release includes carrier unlock for all iPhones including iPhone 3g and iPhone with iOS 4 upto baseband 05.13.04. However, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone and an iPhone connected to internet. if your iPhone is not jailbroken use spirit to jailbreak it first. Using spirit is a child's play.

Note: T-Mobile USA users might want to disable 3G.

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone you need to follow these steps to unlock your iPhone:
1) Open Cydia and touch manage at the bottom list
2) Click on sources (Middle option)
3) Click on Edit (Top right corner)
4) Click add (Top left corner)
5) type "repo666.ultraSn0w.com" (without quotes). Make sure you do not delete http:// that you see.
6) The text should read http://repo666.ultraSn0w.com, if it does click/touch on add source. Ignore errors if any.
7) Click on Done once everything is downloaded and finished.
8) Goto repo666.ultraSn0w.com and click on ultrasn0w.
9) Install ultrasn0w. It will ask to restart your phone. Let it do that.
10) Insert your new sim card. :)

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