Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mac SSH stuck after password

I love my Mac for the fact that it comes with better built in SSH client in terminal. You can just SSH from the terminal without downloading any software. I use SSH everyday for many hours which tells you how much I depend on it. Today, strangely my Mac stopped connecting to the remote server. It would ask me for the password and then do nothing. That means, I am able to connect to the server but can not use the remote shell.

Drupal warning: table Semaphore doesn't exist.

If you recently upgraded your Drupal installation you might have landed at this error. I was working on the website and I stumbled on this error. I tried to solve it at my own but it was a dirty work to see exactly where that table was missing. A lot of searching on internet finally revealed the working solution. The reason as specified by the error message is that the table Semaphore is missing.