Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Install WD Lx TV B-Rad's firmware on your WD TV Live Plus

I bought a WD TV recently and wanted to hack it using B-Rad's firmware. It seems there isn't enough material on internet for this procedure. Therefore, after I figured it out for myself I wanted to share it with everyone who would want to do it.

1) Dowanlod the appropriate firmware from B-Rad's website. Make sure you download the right firmware. The firmware for WD TV Live Plus should only be installed if you have WD TV Live.
2) If it is a zip file unzip it.
3) Copy all of the files from that folder to a USB stick - at the root location, that is not under any folder.
4) In order for your device to recognize the WDLxTV firmware you need to change a file. Open the .ver file and change the version to something newer than what you have on your drive. You get the point right? If the version is older than your current version the device wont bother installing it.
5) Plug in your USB device into your media player and you are done.
6) Stuck at 0%? just remove the USB stick and reconnect.

That is it. You have installed B-Rad on your WD TV. Let me know if you have issues. The username and password both are wdlxtv.


  1. Hi mate - have you had an issue connecting to the network after flashing b-rad's firmware? i'm rocking the latest firmware from wd - 1.05.04_V with netgear dongle..

  2. Dear Alexander,

    I did not have any issues as such. I connected through a cable though as I did not use a wifi dongle. What kind of issue are you facing? It should detect the wifi dongle and let you connect over wifi seamlessly.