Monday, April 18, 2011

NAS as a time machine gives error - backup disk could not be mounted

If you are here I understand how frustrating it is. I had a Maxtor Central axis 1TB NAS hard disk that I used as a Time Machine with my Mac OSX 10.5.8. You can read my post on how to set up a NAS as a Time machine if that is what brought you here. If you are past that stage and stumbled on the error "backup disk could not be mounted" I might be able to offer you some help because I just recovered from that error.

How to fix Mac Time Machine's backup disk could not be mounted error

This error as the message suggests is because Mac OSX is not able to use your NAS as a time machine to back up your data. However, if you go to your network devices list you will see the time machine listed there. The problem could be due to one of the many reasons and without going into it let us see what should be tried to solve it.
  1. First thing is to try renaming your computer by going to system preferences->sharing. Then on the top hand corner just rename your computer and see if you can back up your data now.
  2. If that doesn't work you shoudl try resetting your NAS hard disk and that should solve your problem. You might want to try backing up twice.
  3. The last resort would be to format the whole drive and follow the instructions given on how to set up a NAS as a Time machine.
If you want to buy a new NAS it is available at Amazon for cheap rates Seagate Maxtor Central Axis 1 TB Network Storage Server STM310005CAA00G-RK

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