Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adsense for search saving your settings error

There is something wrong with Google's script that generates your ad code for adsense for search. If you an adsense user you must be facing this issue these days. If you are in this bot too you have few options here.

First one is to add a Search Widget to your blog by clicking on "Add Widget" in your blogger account. This will provide your users with a search interface. However, this can not be linked with your adsense account. In short you can no longer make money from your search based ads.

The second option is to use custom search engine which is available for free
these days. You can create a new custom search engine for your website and then link it to your adsense account. This will let you connect your adsense account to your search engine. That way you can continue to monetize your searches.

To set up this CSE you need to visit and create a new search engine. Once you have created a new search engine you can click on Make Money link and provide your adsense account details. Then you can get the code for your search engine. This code can be used the same way you used your earlier code from adsense. Make sure you check your email and let Google CSE access your adsense account so that you see the adsense impressions from searches in your reports.

I hope this post will help you until Google fixes the issue.

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