Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogger title required for HTML/Javascript Gadgets

If you are a blogspot user you must have seen the new restriction that you can not save any HTML/Javascript widget in blogger. This is ridiculous as most of us used to have widgets without title, especially the adsense widgets where you definitely don't want to put a title which in itself is restricted to text that shout "ADS HERE DO NOT CLICK". 

If you did a search before landing at this page you might have seen some strategies that do not work well without being very cautious about it. Such as the one which ads a display:none code for your HTML/JavaScript widget title.

The easiest methods that I found is to make a fool of them who put these restrictions. You can add !--more-- (within triangle brackets as used for breaks) as the title and save your widget.
It will work fine and would not cry about title being empty. I got this idea from a comic that I read when I was a kid :). In that comic there was a monster who whenever called will go back only after eating one person. The hero gets hold of the villain and throws him at the monster who happily goes back after gulping the villain. Same thing here, you throw a title which doesn't harm you yet get the work done.  

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