Sunday, June 27, 2010

iPhone can't find file

A friend of mine was trying to unlock his iPhone with iOS. He was not able to add the repository and thus can not unlock his iPhone. We tried everything including reinstalling (through ssh) Cydia which got rid of the error cached failure. Cydia will keep working and finally say can not find repository after Veryfying URL. He was in India using a Reliance Net Connect card to connect to internet on his mac and shared the internet connection over airport. Thus, we were using the wi-fi network from reliance Net Connect card.

As a last resort we tried to access through safari on his macbook. To our surprise the website did not load.

So the error was not with Cydia but with internet. Everyone else was able to browse that website fine. There were some other websites that were not working. However, he opened those websites a couple of days ago. They should have worked fine.

In an attempt to fix this issue we tried to clear the caches in safari by going to Safari->Empty Cache. This worked and then everything loaded fine. We were able to unlock his iPhone. If you are having similar problems please try clearing your caches. BTW, we were not even able to open those websites in any browser. I guess the caches got corrupted and caused so much pain. Anyways, all well that ends well.

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