Thursday, November 4, 2010

Internet Explorer is slow on Windows 7

If you installed or upgraded to Windows 7 you might have noticed that the internet is very slow. It takes a few million hours (may be little exhagerated) to load a page. I recently installed Windows 7 on a computer in my school and to my dismay the computer was very slow. It took me little time to figure out the problem but it is not very intuitive.

The problem that makes internet so slow

The problem is with a service that tells the other resources on your network, about your resources. You do not care if people do not use the resources that you own, what is usually the case. The service is called "Function Discovery Resource Publication" and it starts when you boot up your computer. This way it is always runnign giving you a degraded performance experience.

How to make Internet Explorer load pages faster

As this is a default service all you got to do is to set it to be disabled by default. See the following screen shots and read the text to solve it.
1) Go to the administrative tools. To see that option in your control panel you need to select large icons instead of category.
2) Double click on services in the next screen and a new window will open. It is shown in the screenshot below.
3) Right click on the service name and go to properties. Then set the default value on startup to disabled. This way you will not have this running when you boot your pc. You can however, run it if need be. Save it and restart your pc. Welcome to a fast windows experience.

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