Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SVN repository MKACTIVITY error for Google Code

If you use Google Code and trying to commit for the first time it might fail. The reason being your credentials are not ok. You will get an error that says svn: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/!svn/act......

There can be two problems that can cause this.
1) You did not checkout with https option. If you made that mistake just check it out again in the same directory with https option this time.
2) The username that you are using (your current username for linux) is not the same as your Google Code (or any repository) username. When this happens all you need to do is to force SVN to use your own username.

Your commit command should look like
svn commit -m"message here" --username GoogleCodeUserName

This should solve the problems. Since we talked about the switches here, let me tell you more about rest fo the switches:

  • --message (-m) TEXT
  • --file (-F) FILE
  • --quiet (-q)
  • --non-recursive (-N)
  • --targets FILENAME
  • --force-log
  • --username USER
  • --password PASS
  • --no-auth-cache
  • --non-interactive
  • --encoding ENC
  • --config-dir DIR
Based on where you are stuck this might come handy too.

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