Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue Screen of death on Windows PC

"Blue Screen of Death" is a very common problem on Windows PC? That name might be a bit over dramatic, but it has become well known through the years of the Windows operating system. All of a sudden while you were working your screen disappears and a blue one pops up in its place with a cryptic message saying windows has encounter an error and must shut down. Then it gives a lot of numbers in the form of hexadecimal bits and tells that it is dumping to memory. Sometimes this happens when you restart your pc.

This could be because of a bad driver that you installed knowingly or unknowingly. Usually, the Lan Card, Modem or Gaming cards. If you know what you installed recently try uninstalling that driver. If you installed a new hardware just detach it and it should be fine. If that does not fix this it means your OS has been corrupted by that system/card/driver. Try restarting your pc and it might work if you are lucky. But if that was the case you would not be reading this post.

A quick option is to open your computer, take your RAM out and wipe it with alcohol/spirit, usually Petrol, After Shave or nail polish remover will do this job.

If this doesn't work or you are unsure of how to open your pc you need to either repair windows or reinstall it. Make sure you back up your data such as pics and documents etc before doing any of these two operations.

If reinstalling fixes this issue you are good to go. restore all file from our backup source and be happy. If nothing has fixed it yet you need to see a hardware guy.

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