Saturday, March 13, 2010

Microsoft office on mac - toolbars won't show

This is an icky problem. It can get you mad if you are new to Mac. Well, I would say welcome to the world of Mac. If you are having this problem I am going to tell you a solution you will use forever. 

This is not a bug or something like that. It is just the way Mac "windows" behave. The toolbar isn't shown automatically even if you set view->toolbar->(your toolbars). 

The reason is that the space where those toolbars appear is capsulated. All you need to do is to click on the capsular button on the top right side of you Mac Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel or powerpoint. 

Just about any program for Mac OS can present the same problem. thanks to a virtually unidentified feature from Apple. Click the capsular button at the right end of a document window's Title Bar to turn  off the "Minimize the Drawer/Toolbars" settings. The capsular button is that little white thingy where you see min/max/close buttons in Microsoft Windows. Hope this helps. If it helped you please comment and digg this post.

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